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Added an MT32-Pi Zero to the Mister for Sound Support

Using the custom real-time OS created by maker Yavimaya, we can now use a Raspberry Pi Zero to emulate the Roland MT-32 Synthesizer from back in the 1980s. Connect the Pi to a little adapter board that you can either download and have fabricated, or order directly from the author, and you have a completely working synth!

Pi Zero Connected to the MiSTer FPGA Setup
Pi Zero Connected to the MiSTer FPGA Setup

Of course, you need to have the original device to get the ROMs, which I happen to have lying around, which worked out perfectly. Just connect the adapter board directly to the MiSTer FPGA, and you're ready to go. It works with any core that originally supported the MT-32, like Amiga. I hope to have support for it in Ember as well at some point.

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